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"Every child is an artist. The problem is how do we hold onto it as we grow up."

~ Pablo Picasso


Monique Leyton的艺术课


美国艺术家Monique Leyton的艺术课将在本月22日下午举办。


Kuhl and Leyton invite you to join them in considering spectacles of power, spectacles of crime, spectacles of tragedy, celebrity and hilarity. Images carefully removed from the shelves of public consciousness to be replicated, to be mapped, to be rearranged, to be hallucinated. Images sometimes in wild color and sometimes in the rigid focus of two tones. Images that hide questions behind a cavalcade of faces and forms. Images that may explode. 


Monique Leyton grew up in Miami, Florida and attended DASH, the Design and Architecture Senior High School. At university I studied printmaking and drawing at Cornell University. I began working with tape while studying abroad in Cornell’s art department in Rome, Italy. Me and my art partner have been working together making art in tape for over ten years. 

莫妮卡·莱顿(Monique Leyton)在佛罗里达州迈阿密长大,就读于设计与建筑高级中学DASH。在大学里,我在康奈尔大学学习版画和绘画。我在意大利罗马康奈尔大学艺术系留学时开始接触磁带。我和我的艺术合作伙伴一起制作胶带艺术已经超过十年了。

The artwork is narrative art. That means telling a story. So I find out about something that happened and I do research about that story. What happened? Where did this happen? Who was part of the story? When did this happen? Can I answer the why this happened or can I ask this question to the audience? As art artist I want you to think about the work. I balance serious stories with fun bright colors. This makes us think about the unusual relation a ship between color and what the work is about.